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David had been smoothly charming; suave and sophisticated. Linus possessed charm and sophistication when he chose to, but his attraction was raw. She stood up abruptly. I can assure you that I have absolutely no interest in warming your bed! Linus regarded Andi through narrowed lids, inwardly surprised by her vehemence. He only came to Tarrington Park every couple of months, but never during any of those visits had he seen the coolly distant Andi this rattled by anything; those gorgeous brown eyes were positively gleaming with her indignation, and bright spots of angry colour were on her usually pale cheeks.

She blinked, her polite, businesslike mask falling back into place as she resumed her seat behind the desk. Linus continued to look at her for several long seconds, contemplating Andi's completely defensive reaction. Things had been a little tense between the two of them when they'd first begun working together, probably due to a certain amount of understandable resentment on Andi's part at almost being bullied into working for him. Now, a year later, Linus totally appreciated that when it came to his business affairs Andi was quiet, efficient and everything that he could wish for in a PA.

Her reaction just now reminded him that she was also an extremely beautiful woman. The tailored suits and blouses she always wore could never hide the fact that she was shapely in all the right places, with long, sexy legs that went all the way up to her…. She knew that Linus didn't just like to play hard, but that his business success was due to the fact that he worked like a fiend too. But, no matter how wealthy he had become, or how busy he was, Linus had maintained his boyhood love for the game of rugby, and whenever possible he attended the games played by the Scottish team.

It was impossible to miss the fact that the Six Nations tournament was about to start this weekend, or that Scotland were due to play at home at Murrayfield, an area of Edinburgh, on Sunday. Too much of a coincidence in the circumstances. For one thing, Andi had absolutely no interest in the game of rugby. For another, attending a rugby match with Linus certainly wasn't in her job description.

Linus's scowl darkened ominously. He and Andi had worked well together on the occasions he'd come to Tarrington Park, but on a personal level they had never got past the stage of his being allowed to call her Andi', instead of the 'Andrea' she had initially insisted upon. A situation that Linus had thought suited them both, until Andi's sharp response just now…. Andi gave a cool inclination of her head.

You did a good job with Tarrington Park; I could use your help,' he stated clearly. Andi had been more than a little put out when, during one of his whirlwind visits to Tarrington Park six months ago, Linus had calmly informed her that he had hired a housekeeper for the gate house. Not that it didn't make a lot of sense to have someone taking care of the house; Andi just didn't like feeling any more in Linus's debt than she already was. Her mother's health was much improved from a year ago. The scandal of bankruptcy that had been revealed following Miles's death had died down eventually, allowing Marjorie to pull back from that emotional edge she had been teetering on—although her mother was still more delicate than Andi would have liked.

But her mother and Mrs Ferguson were of a similar age and got on very well together, meaning there was absolutely no need for Andi to be in the least concerned about leaving Marjorie for a few days. It had come as something of a surprise to Andi that Linus chose to visit her mother whenever he came to Tarrington Park. His manner towards Marjorie was always warm and considerate. The fact that he had watched his own mother struggle to bring him up alone perhaps answered some of his softer feelings towards her mother. Whatever Linus's reasons, he seemed to have a genuine affection for Marjorie, and she was constantly singing his praises.

Brought up at Tarrington Park, surrounded by the indulgent love of both her parents, Andi couldn't even begin to imagine what life had been like for Linus as a child, or a teenager. There had been lots of love— initially from his mother, and then from his Aunt Mae after his mother's death when he was fifteen. But there certainly hadn't been any money to spend on 'fixing' anything. It was one of the perks of his now considerable wealth that Linus could buy anything he pleased; could do what he wanted when he wanted.

Andi had never complained about the long hours she had to work to bring about the changes in Tarrington Park, but Linus had been aware on his brief visits that she worried about her mother being left on her own so much. It had been easy for Linus to solve that problem by hiring a housekeeper. The way Andi had reacted at the time, anyone would have thought he'd been trying to move into the gate house with her! Colour heightened the hollows of her cheeks. There is a difference, you know. It seemed the right time, especially with the new development in Scotland.

See International Billionaires series page for related titles. Retrieved from " https: Personal tools Log in. I had no problems with Dempsey Reynaud and his brothers as the main characters.

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Adelaide Thibodeaux is Dempsey's secretary as he runs the professional football team in New Orleans for his family. They grew up together in a poor neighborhood until Dempsey's father found him and took him away when he was Now many years later he decides they should marry and announces to the world they are engaged without asking her. Sort of p 2nd book in the Bayou Billionaire series, I did not read the first.

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Sort of predictable but a nice read. Feb 26, Candace rated it it was amazing Shelves: I received this book as a free giveaway. Thank you for allowing me to read this book. Although it is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone novel. I read it as a stand alone novel, and it was excellent. I couldn't put it down!

I can't wait to get the rest of the books in this series. Keep up the great work, Ms. Dec 22, Heather andrews rated it it was amazing. I loved when Addy was playful and let her hair down, "she ignored his efforts at restraint, sidling over to him and slipping a slender thigh between his. Jun 10, Monica Cardoza rated it it was amazing. I loved this story. The storyline was interesting as were the characters. His mother more often than not at times forget she had a son.

He would go hungry until the day that his mother found his father again. Then a terrifying event happened to Addy when she was living alone but Dempsey is there to her rescue. He offers her a job as his assistant but it seems that she has been invisible for very long so she i I loved this story. He offers her a job as his assistant but it seems that she has been invisible for very long so she is ready to leave him.

She has her own dreams and she is about to make it a reality. But Dempsey has another thing planned and in the end his feelings change he forgot who Addy was and took advantage of her. They have a wonderful weeks living with each other but in the end you know that someone will end up getting hurt. The chemistry between Dempsey and Addy was sensual and passionate.

They were meant to be together. He was romantic when he wanted and he could surprise her and make her speechless. Great series This series is amazing. I fell for the four brothers. Mar 20, Penny Ramirez rated it liked it Shelves: That being said, I did like Addy and Dempsey. Perhaps if the book had been a little bit longer their broken backstories could have been explored a bit more in depth. Feb 14, Janet rated it liked it Shelves: Mar 02, Jaymy M. Despite the doozy of a moniker, the second book in the Bayou Billionaires series was a fantastic read, one I couldn't put down until the very last page.

I am a huge fan of this dynamic writing pair. This combination is just about unbeatable — matched only by the J. Rock duo, Joanne and Karen Rock. How many people not only have BFFs and SILs that awesome and talented, but ones who share their abilities with you and to bring stories to the world? Not many I'd be willing to bet. I think I'd read th Despite the doozy of a moniker, the second book in the Bayou Billionaires series was a fantastic read, one I couldn't put down until the very last page.

I think I'd read the phone book they do still print them believe it or not or even a page tech manual for working a coffee pot if Joanne or her writing partners composed them. They are just that good! This book really makes you feel, and experience the growth, frustration, happiness, sizzle and heartache the characters experience. Dempsey is the illegitimate brother, who lived in the tough part of New Orleans until his father learned of his existence when he entered his teens and immediately removed him from his troubled, addicted mother.

Adelaide has been his constant and only true friend since he rescued her from bullies when they were in grade school. She's been devoted to him, loyal. She even saved part of her food for him at lunch because she knew it was all he'd have to eat until school the next morning. Things weren't great for him, but they had each other. When she got out of college, he recruited her to be his secretary, helping him out in his duties as a professional football coach.

They hadn't really been much in contact since the year after he moved into his father's mansion. The job offer was made because he was worried about her because her place had been broken into and she narrowly avoided being physically assaulted. She was heartbroken because they ruined her painting when they figured out she didn't have anything valuable in the place. She wanted a job in her field, but he wanted her near him and to help.

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So he paid her salary and she did. The story starts in present day, with Adelaide announcing to Dempsey immediately following their last pre-season game, just before a press conference, that she's quitting immediately. She's tried to broach the subject with him before, that she wants to start her own business, a sports line for women. So, to forestall her departure from the team, he announces during the press conference that they are engaged. She's livid and tries to leave the stadium only to find out he's contacted his driver and intercepts her.

He devises a scheme that will hopefully get his most recent ex off his back — all of his relationships have had a time limit and the women are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement. The ex did too. He says that the month will give them time to go over her business plan and figure out what do do with her loss to the business.

He insists she live with him at his big house, built in the style of his family mansion, just down from it. Things develop, the chemistry between them sizzles and she finally decides she'll work on her business on her time during this month and spend the rest of the time enjoying being with him in every way possible. But, things happen as they often and she knows she's in love with him. Too bad he's about predictable, reliable fluff heads, with time limits on everything.

He does everything he can to keep her from quitting, but he begins to wonder what he'll do without her, at work, at home and in his life. Can't wait for the next book in the series! Mar 07, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: Good friends to lovers story. Dempsey and Addy have known each other since they were kids growing up in a poor part of New Orleans.

Dempsey protected Addy from bullies and she helped him deal with the results of an addicted mother. Then when he was thirteen, his billionaire biological father found him and took him to live with his family. Though Dempsey tried to keep in touch with Addy, it was difficult, until he became an adult. Then he offered her a job as his assistant until she was ready to Good friends to lovers story. Then he offered her a job as his assistant until she was ready to branch out on her own.

  1. Fixing Drugs: The Politics of Drug Prohibition.
  2. Ein Sams für Martin Taschenbier: Band 4 (German Edition).
  3. The Large Group: Dynamics and Therapy (Maresfield Library);
  4. #ReleaseBlast – His Secretary’s Surprise Fiance by Joanne Rock | Ali - The Dragon Slayer.

As the illegitimate brother, Dempsey has always felt that he had to work extra hard to earn his place in the family. After years working his way up, he is now the head coach of his family's pro football team. A big part of his success he attributes to the work Addy has done for him. So when she announces that she is quitting and finally going on to pursue her own dreams, he panics. He can't convince her to stay until the end of the season, so he announces their "engagement" during a press conference - without her consent. Unless she wants to create a scandal, she's stuck for the near future.

Addy has long had a dream of using her art degree and ability to create a line of sports accessories for women. She has been working on her business plan and is ready to go for it. She has been telling Dempsey her plans for weeks, but he has been completely ignoring her. She stunned when he once again ignores her and instead uses a fake engagement to keep her tied to him. Because she has spent her life trying to make him happy, she agrees to go along for a short time, but insists that she will end it in one month. Addy has always had feelings for Dempsey, but knows nothing will come of them.

Dempsey, on the other hand is pretty clueless. He dates empty headed women for short periods, with definite requirements of what he will and will not allow. While they had a great friendship when they were younger, after separating he became driven to succeed.

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Even after he hired Addy, his focus was on business and he didn't really treat her as the friend she was. Her plans to leave make him realize how much he depends on her, but he doesn't see how much deeper his feelings really are. The development of the romance was interesting. Dempsey's reasons for his actions were totally selfish. It was fun to see him suddenly realize that Addy is a beautiful woman and that he is attracted to her.

Still in his "all about me" mode, he decides that his next step is to get her into his bed. I thought that Addy had a lot more going for her. She has worked hard to get where she is, refusing to even consider letting Dempsey give her what she needs to start her business. She's always wanted him, but seeing the way he treats his women, prefers to keep their friendship intact. I loved seeing her call him out on his selfishness and how he slowly begins to see things from her point of view. The attraction between them is strong, and Addy has to decide if she wants to take what she can get from their fake relationship, knowing that she's likely to have her heart broken in the end.

Meanwhile, Dempsey discovers that Addy is far different than the women that he's usually with, and he doesn't quite know how to deal with the way that makes him feel. By the time he figures it out, he's nearly destroyed their friendship. It was pretty sweet to see him find and embrace his inner romantic, as he tries to convince her to stay with him. I loved the ending and seeing him finally open his heart to her. I liked seeing more of the other brothers also.

They have a good, respectful relationship with each other, even if it isn't the touchy-feely sort. I liked seeing the changes in the oldest brother, Gervaise, since he fell in love in the first book, His Pregnant Princess Bride. Thanks to those changes, he is able to give Dempsey some much needed advice, though not without some good brotherly ridicule. I also liked their concern for their grandfather and his increasing memory problems.

Jul 27, Les Romantiques rated it really liked it. The other volumes are: Mann, 3- Reunited with the rebel billionaire by C. Mann and 4 — Secret baby scandal by J. The series features the Reynaud brothers, who all are part of the football world, but with different activities for each main character. Joanne Rock is translated in French in several lines at Harlequin: Les historiques, Passions and Audace.

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She had feelings for him when she was younger but put them aside. To explain my rather high rating of the book, I really liked the heroine. The love scenes are well described and intense. The football world is very important in the novel, and the secondary characters are quite present. I really liked them. In any case, I had a good reading time with this novel. Feb 01, Wednesday Stanley rated it liked it. When I first heard about this series that Mrs. Mann were working on together I got super excited and couldn't wait to read about these four brothers.

Than after reading His Pregnant Princess Bride which followed Gervais and Erika, I got even more excited for this series and couldn't wait to dive into Dempsey's book. But unfortunately that's about where my excitement ends. I'm going to try and be negative or upset anyone. But I was just frustrated and dissapointed in both Dempsey When I first heard about this series that Mrs. But I was just frustrated and dissapointed in both Dempsey's and Adelaide's characters throughout the whole book. I have to say I feel in love with Dempsey's character in the first book. I even really felt for him since he felt like the black sheep of the family.

I couldn't wait to get to know him better. In a way we did get to know him better. But in another way we really didn't. It was obvious throughout the whole book how much he wanted to prove himself in this book. Prove to the world even though he was the illegeniment child, that he was a Reynaud. Prove to his brothers that he was family. You could tell how much he cared about his brothers and grandfather.

I had a really hard time with Adelaide's character. She frustrated me to no end. I just didn't connect with her character at all. And at times found her to be whiney and a bit self absorbed. I thought this book was a good read. I did find that it seemed the characters became a bit repetitive. There also wasn't as much family interaction until the very last couple of chapters when the book seemed to finally pick up. I'm giving this book 3. Now on to the next one!!! Jan 31, Becky rated it really liked it Shelves: I really, really wanted to read Dempsey and Addy's story after reading book one in the series, His Pregnant Princess Bride , so I was very excited to get my hands on this one.

I won't go as far as to say I was disappointed, but while I did like it, I didn't love it. On the one hand, it was a sweet best-childhood-friends-to-romance story. Addy and Dempsey have know each other since they were both in the single digits, and Addy's been starry-eyed over him for nearly that long. They had some consid I really, really wanted to read Dempsey and Addy's story after reading book one in the series, His Pregnant Princess Bride , so I was very excited to get my hands on this one.

And ho boy, can Dempsey bring on the woo once he puts his mind to it. On the other hand, it was hard to get a handle on Dempsey's character. I guess that's probably my biggest issue with the story--a lack of connection with the hero. He had all kinds of things going for him, but something was missing. Addy made things easier. Who can't identify with the longtime crush who just never seems to really "see" you?

I felt for her when she could no longer enjoy chocolate for Dempsey-related reasons, gosh darn that man! Two more brothers to go--bring them on! Mar 03, Lisa Remarkablylisa rated it did not like it Shelves: I received this arcon Netgalley in exchange for an honest review so I'll be quite frank when I tell you that this plot is just far too unbelievable. It's filled with idiotic stubborn characters and I just had to skim the last pages or so because I kept rolling my eyes too hard.

Let's start with the one factor in the story that pissed me off so much that I had to take a moment and just process what I just read.

Adelaide, a hardw My rating: Adelaide, a hardworking and ambitious individual, wants to start her own business up but her boss, Dempsey, freaks out that she's leaving her position. Hearing the news right before a very public announcement to the press, Dempsey tells the whole world that Adelaide is his fiance. Therefore, Adelaide can't leave Dempsey. Dempsey is selfish and cocky and just plain NO.

It's not hot or sexy to have someone ruin your plans at creating a business you've dreamed of. And I know that because I didn't finish this book, there could have been a chance for Dempsey to redeem himself as a human being but the idea is just lame. I don't want to read about two people who have to put on a charade when Adelaide should straight up tell everyone the truth that Dempsey is a freaking psychopathic liar. I highly suggest to skip but if you do read this, let me know if it gets better.

Check out my blog on wordpress for more reviews: I gave myself a few days to mull this one over, only to come up with the same thoughts. I know it's rude to think athletes are not scholarly, but I had a hard time connecting the leading man's dots. Dempsey grew up poor until teens , played football until injury cut his career , and speaks with an eloquence that seems, well, elevated.

I know he's been in this lifestyle for nearly 20 years, but it was still difficult for me. Adelaide was a whole 'nother deal. I'm stuck between thi I gave myself a few days to mull this one over, only to come up with the same thoughts. I'm stuck between thinking she is the kindest, most forgiving, un-selfish leading lady I've ever read Like, to the fifth power. I would have liked to have seen her assert herself a little more, but hey, I didn't write it so I really don't get a say.

It did, however, keep me from being emotionally invested in the story. Okay, enough of the less than loved stuff. I did like the premise. Dempsey had no clue, no clue how much he cared for Adelaide. That's obvious in his lack of attention towards her. His taking her for granted was threaded well throughout the entire story. Don't we all take someone for granted? I really appreciated the lengths Adelaide was willing to go to feel seen, important, and accomplished. And the lengths to which Dempsey would go to keep her close were, well, the entire point LOL! Adelaide did finally grow a pair by the end of the story, but they were small.

This is the second book in the Bayou Billionaires; they can be read as standalone novels. That being said this series is written by two different authors. So I was worried that this book may not be as good as the first.