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The natural process of obtaining useful knowledge is absolutely the opposite.

Learning Spanish – The Frustrations + Issues Speaking With Natives

Where I live, in the Middle East, language centres have classes four times per week. These classes are 2h 30min each. The students are therefore exposed to mainly spoken English for 10 hours a week. This high exposure to the English language enables the student to finish the Fundamental-, Intermediate-, and Advanced Courses in at least 2 years. The impact on the learning process is high. Positively, many students continue speaking English outside the class which does not happen in Brazil.

It is common to see people speaking both English and Arabic in the same conversation here. Speaking must be the priority in learning any language. Many teachers may question this statement. It is, however- according to this writer- more important to be understood than speaking in a grammatically correct tongue. It is also important to understand when spoken to in this tongue so listening exercises are equally as important.

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In the current mindset of teaching English in Brazil, these goals will be difficult to reach. Brazilian businesses are becoming multinational companies.

Why are Germans among the worst speakers of English?

Many of them are very important players in the economic world. Unfortunately, many Brazilians lose these opportunities because of low proficient language skills. Here too, Brazilians do not apply for a transfer to another country as they are only able to speak Portuguese. Brazilians are accepted all over the world as there are no political barriers between Brazil and the rest of the world. Brazilians are seen as happy, friendly, jovial people.

There is only one thing study is good for

It is, therefore, sad that they can not use all the opportunities given to them in international waters. And only because they are not able to speak English. Portuguese as a language is one of the reasons many Brazilians become isolated. Many Brazilians do not even try to travel to another country because of this. There is, however, another side to this coin. If professionals, such as teachers, students and even in the corporate world, would want to come and work in Brazil, they should be able to speak Portuguese.

Interchanging of cultures is restricted because foreigners lack the ability to speak Portuguese. These incidents help to illustrate a culture of patriotism that exists within Spanish football. You have to speak the language too or make the utmost effort to do so, otherwise, you face ridicule. A lot of media and fans will only be at complete ease with foreign players when they demonstrate that they have mastered Spanish.

Until then, their lack of fluency will be used against them if they put in any poor performances on the pitch. The media were uncomfortable when he spoke in German. Kroos also said that Carlo Ancelotti, his manager at the time, explained specific instructions to him in English. He clearly had a grasp of the language and cited his own shyness for the lack of depth in his choice of words when announcing his farewell. He scored 20 goals in appearances and helped the club win La Liga in his final season in Madrid.

Zinedine Zidane admitted that the language barrier held them back from establishing a close friendship, but they were in tandem while playing. Does it really matter? If a player can get by in a foreign language, make life comfortable for themselves and their families, that should be enough. As Zidane said, they understood each other perfectly.

Months of work and still not speaking

This will happen even if you study for decades. Until you actually use the language in its natural context or at least in a course that gets you to speak to people you will always have this barrier to get through. You simply have to break through it. If you practise often enough and enthusiastically enough you will get to the other side quite quickly.

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  • You can do this in person if there are natives or other learners close by, or over the Internet with millions of natives. However, you can't study to get this confidence.

    6 reasons why Brazilians do not speak English properly

    Confidence isn't hidden somewhere on page , it's getting into an actual conversation and proving to yourself Obama style yes you can. Too many people study to gain confidence — this is an oblique way of going about it. You have to simply get used to speaking the language. Know how it feels to have the words come out of you rather than in an artificial test in which you have several minutes to think about things.

    Last night with the English speakers I had the almost magic ability to turn them into German speakers with nothing more than a 5 minute pep-talk to boost their confidence and give them some language hacks. I didn't teach them any actual German or tell them to study in a particular way. They had the potential to speak the entire time, no matter what their level was. You haven't learned enough to say anything yet? In many European languages you have thousands of words before you even start.

    In all languages you can study for a couple of hours rather than years to get basic phrases and then use them. Use what you know and go from there. But you already have the ability to say something right now. There are a LOT of ways you can speak a language in the first weeks even if you didn't study it much yet. So many ways that I had to write 30, words to describe them.

    So what do you think?

    Jessie J - Nobody's Perfect

    Picking on the academic system is such an easy target because it does such a miserable job in so many places and wastes the time of millions of people when it comes to language conversing ability. There are exceptions, and there are great courses to take, but that is usually because they have students converse in as natural a way as possible. Once the focus changes from studying to actually using the language to communicate with people then the road to speaking well, and doing it quickly, is opened up. Don't have this attitude of Leave me alone!

    Can't you see I'm learning your language? A language is a social tool and being locked up in your room studying it is, frankly, antisocial. You can't avoid studying to improve your language skills, but if you want to speak then stop studying and just speak already!! Interested how I do it exactly?

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    • Check out Fluent in 3 Months Premium — the essential guide to speak another language fluently in the shortest possible time. This post has been a long time coming. Teachers and linguists are going to hate me for this, but it has to be said: You can never speak a language by just studying it , no matter how much you study Yes, you read that right. There is only one thing study is good for The purpose of this post isn't to tell the world to stop studying.