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The Obelisk Gate by N. Retrieved 11 August NK Jemisin wins best novel for second year in a row". The Times of India. Retrieved 13 August Retrieved 18 August Hugo Award for Best Novel. The Sword in the Stone by T. White Slan by A. Heinlein Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury Dick Here Gather the Stars aka: Way Station by Clifford D. And Call Me Conrad aka: A triptych entitled Shades in Shadow was released on July 28, It contained three short stories, including a prequel to the trilogy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jemisin Born Nora K. Jemisin Iowa City, Iowa , U.

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Occupation Novelist psychologist career counselor. The Inheritance Trilogy N. Retrieved August 28, The New York Times. Retrieved August 31, Retrieved August 16, Retrieved August 11, Retrieved September 7, Hiromi Goto and N. Issue 4 May 26, , p. Retrieved September 8, Retrieved January 14, Retrieved August 13, Retrieved August 12, The Awkward Thoughts of W. Okay, so you may or may not know I was on the fence about the last book. In the first installment, there were issues for me of characters coming across as victims and not seeming to stand up and assert themselves.

After reading the second book in the series, I'm ready to edit my original rating of Amaranth. No more fence, Book 1 gets a solid 4 stars now. Book 2 was just that Book 2 of the Resistance Trilogy Book 2 was just that good. I'm fully convinced now that this series, like many other series, just suffered from "first book syndrome. My original concerns of Camille being a 'victim' are mostly laid to rest with this book.

She 'manned' up and 'grew a pair' She really seems to grow up just so much in The Gates, her character is so much stronger and more modern. I just really, really connected with Camille in this book as compared with Amaranth. The Gates also has a much faster pace, it seemed to me, than that of Amaranth. There is action on more than one level hint,hint, wink, wink and the entire cast of characters seem to shake up some pre-conceived notions from the first book.

I found myself starting to understand and almost sympathize with some characters, wanting to scratch the face off others Some plot developments were easy to guess, and others still surprised me. I had no problems finishing this book, or wanting to continue reading; I was eagerly absorbing each page and found myself staying up just a little later than I planned Overall, this is a great follow-up to Amaranth. It was so good that it even changed my view on book one. It's a definite page turner, a little steamier than book 1, and a whole lot more 'sassy' attitude in a good way with Camille.

If you've read and even somewhat enjoyed the first book in the Resistance Trilogy, I highly recommend continuing the series with The Gates! Mar 20, April Smithson rated it really liked it. I received this book graciously thru the Read It and Reap group. Many thanks to the author. A delightful sequel to Amaranth. A more rounded story told with enriching detail just enough to give you a wonderful insight to the city of Amaranth and those around our main characters without the excessive over description that many fantasy stories sadly possess.

The story is rich with many twists and turns to keep you from putting down your book. I enjoyed this adventure even more than the first and an I received this book graciously thru the Read It and Reap group. I enjoyed this adventure even more than the first and anxiously await its final chapter! Once again I was amazed. Rachael Wade has created another amazing read. I absoultely loved the first book in this series and couldn't wait to read this one.

Camille amazed me again with her strength and determination. She is still an awesome character and with a fierce protectiveness for those she loves. The thing I loved with this book is we got more backstory on the other characters. I loved seeing Joel and Arianna's relationship through Arianna's eyes.

Arianna became another character I fell i Once again I was amazed. Arianna became another character I fell in love with. I even found myself feeling sorry for and sympathizing with Samira after knowing more about her motives. I am so happy that this book had more of a backgroung based in Amaranth. We got to see more about how the people that live there lived and felt about being there.

I was great to ger a more descriptive feel and vibe for it from this book. I love that Camille and Gavin's relationship grew more and they are finally getting a happy ending eventhough they still have hurdles ahead of them. I love the new character of Cecile. She was so powerful in her own right. Overall I loved this book as much as the first book. It was another wonderful ride and another great read. I can't wait to see where book 3 takes us. Thanks to the ladies at the Shut up and Read Group and the author for a chance to review this.

Rachael Wade has created an amazing world for these creatures and she does a terrific job going from our would to theirs. This book has everything, vampires, witches, spells, portals, villains, suspense, mystery, and my favorite, love.

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I love reading from the male POV and was quite pleased to see some of that in this book. That might be why I love reading romances written by male authors so much. I loved the twists she weaved into this one and extremely pleased by the turn of events. Writers, Readers, Paranormal, Fantasy. Author Wade makes all these events and progressions seem so natural that I could practically open my front door and step into the reality experienced inside these pages. My highest recommendation is on this novel, as well as the first in the series. Do not miss; it matters not if you think you are a fan of paranormal or fantasy, or not.

You will never be disappointed with this trilogy. Readers, read and revel. Writers, read and study and learn. Dec 01, Fathima rated it it was amazing. What in the world did i just finish! Wait , thats not what i want to talk about. Agggh , i dont even remember what i actually want to talk about. I think i better get started with this review , before we get interrupted by some powerful witch , who shouldn't even be here in the first place. Maybe he'll just take a wrong turn or something. Or maybe he'll just go and Vampires with a mission are back and how!!!

If you thought Amaranth was all 'Okie -dokie ' kind of thing , then you my friend are in for a surprise joyride with 'The Gates '!! I dont even know where to begin this review. I just feel like typing in "Perfect in all aspects " and just shut my mouth , but then its going to be so unfair. So lets see if i can 'conjure' up words to summarise how awesome this book was and how i've fallen in love with it. Firstly , lets start with the cover speak. Okay , honestly i still love the cover of Amaranth more if i compare it to the gates. I guess its the colours that make it appealing and intriguing.

Anywhoo , the cover of the gates had me awestruck the first time i saw it. My mind was brain storming trying to find out a possible explaination behind this cover. And a part of me was wondering what does everything on this cover mean. And then i read the book and! Oh BTW , that windmill there - super significant i tell you! In short , an awesome cover for an awesome book.

If Amaranth was all about meeting Cam , Gavin , Gabe , Audrey and Amaranth itself , then The Gates is all about meeting them in a new light with different shades. If i could sum up what i'm actually trying to express using just one word , i would say that this book was an EVOLUTION - not only of the story line , not only of the plot , but also of the characters that are involved in this epic tale.

The plan and the warriors are ready to rock and roll. The gates to amaranth will be opened , but will they succeed in their mission or will unforeseen events strike tragedy and havoc?? Answers to all these questions are there for you to read and find out. Things i loved about this book: Lats start off with Rachael Wade's writing style. The lady is a genius. She uses the right words , the right expressions , the right emotions - everything is just soo right. Honestly , i feel very few authors have the capacity to make the reader love or like a hated character.

And Rachael manages to do just that with such a ease. Without giving away any spoilers i'll say this , i actually and i mean actually with a capital A , felt really bad and kind of 'Geez i'm soo sorry for you 'kind of stuff for one of the characters. And believe me when i say i found that character to be really cruel in the first book.

And when an author can actually do that , i think they've conquered it all. So , kudos to Rachael for that!! Next up , the story line. As i mentioned earlier , The gates is just soo well written and well sketched out , that i actually thought that this could be an awesome movie. It had everything , it had me biting my nails like some super nervous freak , it had me giggling and all giddy like a school girl , and this one moment i actually fell off my chair.. The twists and turns in this book had me twisted and turned. Turned to what you ask?? Turned into an impatient maniac. Especially the end and also the parts before the end , i just didnt see all of it coming!!

I cant wait to find out whats in store for our vampiric warriors. Rachael a request doll - hurry up with the grand finale , the curiousity is definitely gonna be the death of me!!! I highly reccommend this book to anyone who love vampires. In fact i recommend it to those who love vampires with a 'i dare to do 'attitude and that dont give a damn about tearing down your corsets and skirts when they are , well lets just say in the mood for some play time!!

The resistance is finally reaching its epic end , come and be a part of it. You wouldnt want to miss this. Another fast, action packed read. Some of the characters that I was very interested in in Book 1 were definitely developed more in this book, and I was able to have a greater insight into the development of their individual stories, and how they came to join together in their quest.

It was very difficult not to see similarities with "Twilight". There is an urgency on both Camille and Gavin to bring their relationship to the next level, though only if they both join together in marriage. There is the tug of war between both characters on staying human or vampire, which I found very similar to the other series.

And some of the conflicts or forces trying to keep them apart, similar to the obstacles Bella and Edward faced as well in 'Twilight'. But it didn't really take away from my enjoyment of this story. There was enough originality in this plot to help me identify it as a separate story.

Some of the reactions to situations were a little over dramatic for my taste. And some facial expressions mentioned in the book, ie. It didn't bother me as much in the first book as it did in this one. That being said, that is the only negative thing that jumped out at me in this novel. I enjoyed the development of all the characters, and the plot line.

It was well written and interesting. The action scenes were flawless and fit the storyline. It was all well connected and fluid.

N. K. Jemisin

It was a really enjoyable read, and I look forward to the third installment of this trilogy. Sep 11, Kate Givans rated it it was amazing. I waited rather impatiently for months to get a chance to find out what happens to Camille and Gavin in the second installment of the Resistance Trilogy. I felt like I was left on edge after the completion of Amaranth, wondering what would happen next. Her stories are not merely stories, they are journeys. I grow very bored with stories that seem to follow a predictable story line — The Gates does anything but. Overall, I would recommend The Gates to anyone who loves vampire romance novels but is tired of the same-old-vamp-romance-story.

The Resistance Trilogy takes an interesting approach to the vamp romance and the action is definitely more suspenseful than many of the other books I have read in the genre. I would like to add one other note, however. I would not recommend The Gates for younger audiences. Rachael Wade has done it again. The Gates is another fantastic addition to the Resistance Trilogy. First of all, this book really steps up the romance.

I felt the romance between Cam and Gav was a little lacking in the first book but Rachel has certainly remedied that. I loved the heat and passion between Cam and Gavin. The plot was excellent.

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Rachael has also stepped up the action in this one and it was a thrill from cover to cover. And even with the romance and action, Rachael can Rachael Wade has done it again. And even with the romance and action, Rachael can still make you laugh. I loved the scene where Cam gets drunk! With the--" "Okay, you're starting to talk board game. Let's go home, babe. I love how Rachael has related this cover to the book: I rushed toward the windmill as I eyed the strange red sun, peering behind me every so often to make sure I wasn't being followed.

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All it would take was one witness for word to spread to Scarlet of our meeting. If you liked Amaranth, you will love this one! Feb 13, Cassandra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rachael Wade has a way of pulling you into a story and making you feel like you're along for the ride. Same thing goes for The Gates. We hop back into the story where we left off and it's non-stop from there. Camille and Gavin's romance heats up and gets tested in ways you wouldn't even think of.

We find out more about the characters that we were left wondering about in Amaranth. While reading Amaranth, Camille came off a little too much as a victim but we get to see a side of her in book 2 that is a nice change. It's not enough that it's unbelievable, she's growing and it's completely natural. I would recommend picking this book up the second it comes out. Which, by the way, is April 25, And if you haven't read Amaranth already, what are you waiting for? Back to patiently waiting for the third and final installment..

Feb 23, Dystinee Kayla rated it liked it Shelves: This is an excellent program, in which authors provide free copies of their ebooks in exchange for honest reviews. Overall, I enjoyed this second book from The Resistance Trilogy. Like Amaranth, this book is a short, fast paced adventure. On several occasions, I thought I knew where the story was going, but Rachael Wade went in a completely different direction.

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It kept me on my toes throughout the entire book. The relationship between Camille and Gavin heats up, taking this into the Adult category whereas Amaranth was Young Adult. The characters all seemed to develop naturally and react as I would expect, given their circumstances. As with the first book in this series, I have an issue with the continuity of The Gates.

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For instance, on multiple occasions, the story is moving along and then the next paragraph - not next chapter, not next section, next paragraph - is weeks later.