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Our troubled feelings are messages asking us to go to the source of that trouble and do something about it. The feeling part of our mind -- the subconscious -- is trying to tell us something important, and try as we might, we cannot ignore and deny our uncomfortable feelings and emotions forever. It is when we stop our endless running, face our feelings and decide to do something about them that our healing begins.

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That great psychologist Carl Jung believed that all neurosis was an attempt to flee from legitimate suffering. When we feel bad, there is always a reason, always a cause, and if we want to feel better then we would be wise to uncover that cause and then do something about it. As a hypno-psychotherapist, I know that there are drug-free strategies that can take people to the cause of their disturbed emotions and actually do something about them and the distress they provoke.

Even our most difficult emotions are there to help us. They are a call to action that we would be wise to heed.

7 Ways To Make Bad Feelings Go Away

When we lose our fear of feelings and emotions; when we listen to and act on their message, then our emotions become much more balanced, and flow in a much easier, more comfortable way. Peter Field is a UK registered psychotherapist and board certified hypnotherapist.

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His hypnotherapy Birmingham and London clinics provide hypno-psychotherapy services for a wide range of issues. His new book The Chi of Change focuses on the fascinating world of hypnotherapy. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. As a working therapist, I know that people visit me when they are feeling bad. Which is a better place for the anger to be than bugging me in my mind.

Why Even Bad Feelings Are Good

Sometimes bad feelings are caused by a particular trigger — perhaps a certain person, perhaps a certain situation. And if a person or a situation is causing more bad feelings than good, it might be time to just say good-bye.

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  5. In some cases, this is as simple as making the decision that enough is enough. In other cases, it can be more complicated — say the person is a close relative or the situation is your job. But even in these more complicated situations, you can start making a long-term escape plan. When you just need to give your mind a break and you are too tired for any of the other tools on this list, a good book, movie, or TV show can be a savior. Another way to get a break from bad feelings is to replace them with good ones.

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    Do something that makes you feel good. Keep your mind occupied with something that excites you.

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    It can be hard to think of good things when you are down in the dumps, so prepare by making a list when you are feeling better. This is where hobbies and passions come in. If your bad feelings are caused by a particular problem, making an action plan might alleviate your pain. Look for potential solutions by brainstorming, doing research, or talking to someone.

    1. Give it time

    Pick a solution and make a plan for implementing it. What do you think about these seven tools? Do you have anything to add to my list?

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    I would love to hear from you in the comments below. For the situations well described in this essay, I would add meditate daily about twenty minutes at a time, accompanied with deep breathing and emptying the mind of all thought, positive or negative, leave all problem solving out, all thoughts. At first it might be hard to get rid of images, and thoughts intruding, but in time and with patience they will go. The net result can in time be quite rewarding, and bring peace. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

    Comments For the situations well described in this essay, I would add meditate daily about twenty minutes at a time, accompanied with deep breathing and emptying the mind of all thought, positive or negative, leave all problem solving out, all thoughts. Yes, meditating helps an awful lot of people.